Live interpretation and Historical Entertainment


These are just some of the colourful and characters I portray for various sites and events. Shows, walkabout, demonstration - whatever you need!

Will Piper

Playing and demonstrating music and dances of the time on recorder, harp, three-holed pipe, drum, hurdy gurdy, psaltery and more. Though not all at once!

Thomas Fool

Medieval Jester, stilt-walker, fire-breather, juggler, storyteller and much, much more!


Doctor Simeon Wormwood

Apothecary and Alchemist! Demonstrating medieval science and explaining the medieval world picture. Still working on that 'lead into gold' thing.


Sir George

Gentleman, noble, and courtier. A dedicated follower of fashion, up-to-date with all the court gossip.

(Seen here with Angelina Georgiou as Warwick Castle's medieval Earl and Countess, and in a Tudor incarnation at Southsea Castle with Lyndsey O'Brien.)

Amos Bogg

Gongfarmer. The smelliest side of medieval life! Ever wondered how people managed before flushing toilets? A comedy character with the inside story.